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Downsizing and Rightsizing

Downsizing is the process of moving to a smaller residence and divesting of belongings that are not wanted and/or will not fit into your new smaller space. Stress Free works with each client to measure, photograph and use floor plans to determine what will best fit in your new space.  We sort items with you to determine what you want to keep or send away for auction/donation/disposal.  We save you and your family the hassle of holding yard sales and/or making multiple carload drop offs at the local donation center.  Our trained team will pack and transport items no longer needed to our warehouse for sale on our online auction. Items that do not sell are donated and items that are not salable due to damage/condition will be disposed. *See "Selling Unwanted Items" page for more details. 

Rightsizing involves assessing your lifestyle (including home, health, belongings, goals, values and needs) for the current season you're in and the future.  You may feel the need to downsize to achieve the goals for your upcoming future or you may need more space than your current residence.  Our team is ready to help you assess where you are and help you make your current or future home better suit your desired goals.


Customized plans just for you.

We do it all, with great care and expertise. Our full range of services can be customized for your needs.  Call us today to schedule your free consultation! 
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